My friends Vidy and Luke are running. At Athletes I did  shot pot,long jump and high jump.  I only did 2 because high jump was canceled because it was to wet and slippery. It was cold I did not like the cold but it ended up nicely it was a fun day.


Last Wednesday was our athletics carnival. It wasn’t really that cold because I had a warm jumper on, but I still got wet, but we managed to do everything except high jump. In shotput, I came 4th but in discus I came 5th or 6th.i was really happy how hard I tried.


Last Wednesday it was Athletics. I think it was really fun and it it was good to see everyone in their house colours. I really like how every one was cheering their friends on. I hope you had fun too! 


The annual school oatlympics was awesome.We did all kinds of activities like bunny hop , 

head weight , under throw , tennis knee and hurdles.I can’t wait for the next oatlympics.

My grade was Canada.


Last Wednesday was our Athletics Carnival. It was cold and wet but we managed to get all the events completed except for high jump. I was lucky enough to go along and cheer everyone on. It was good to see everyone in their house colours.