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Book Review 

We are reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio in Info Lit. 

The book is about August… August is a boy who is having his first year at school. He has never been to school before so this is a big change for him. He used to get home schooled by his mum. There is another boy called Julian but he is mean to August. He has a friend named Summer.

I really like this book because… It is interesting and causes lots of suspense. The book is really good.

I rate this book 5/5 because it is amazing and interesting.

Favourite Work

I did a Minecraft  story on Picollage. It was about my first couple of days in Minecraft.

I learnt that there is a type of Minecraft cow called a Mooshroom Cow that is a normal cow, but it is red and has mushrooms located on its back.

I liked it because it is in the form of a diary. It is one of my best stories that I have written! 

From Michaela