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Projects: Global Insight 

Our intergrated topic for term 3 is Global Insight. For 4 weeks the students had to investergate a country. 

The information the students needed to find out about their country are:

-Name and capital city


-The main language and four words in that language


-Traditional food and Traditional dress

-Any other interesting information 

All the project were amazing!

Tyree: Scotland

Peter: Ireland

Molly: Italy     
      Ilia: Iran

 Neomi: Sri Lanka

Elizabeth: France

George: Iceland

Amelia: France

Vidura: Sri Lanka

Brooke: Brazil

Justin: New Zealand

Katherine: Serbia

Daniel: Serbia

Antonio: Egypt

Austyn: Germany

Jordan: Argentina

Chelsea: Brazil

Luke: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Jacintha: Africa

Akbar: Pakistan

Aneeqa: Switzerland