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Athletics  day

Last week on Wednesday the 3 of August 2016 . I went to the athletics carnival it was so so cold there and so so wet it was so much fun doing the activities.But the discus was so muddy my shoes were absolutely covered in mud that my nana had to clean my shoes. It was so much fun Except  for  discus because of all the mud .🐈

Athletics Carnival

 Look how Determined I look so Sirious  with my sponge bob shirt hahaha! It was  Actually A good throw it was 4.82m making me 5th out of 44 people!  Every one did a good job.I thought I would do better but you learn to deal with it 😎


Last Wednesday we had athletics and it was so much fun! It was great to see everyone in there house colours. And it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves. We managed to finish all the activities except for high jump it was so much fun.


The Oatathon was fun I got 12 laps. Daniel and I had a challenge who could get the most laps I got 12 and he got 17 laps. The person who got the most laps in each class got something ” sporty “, he got a soccer ball from a really good English team called Chelsea.


At athletics i didn’t get to go but my friends did so let’s talk about them. Ok my friends Luke,Antonio and ilia they had lots of fun I wish I got to go 🙁 but I’m still happy that my friends had fun🤗


On Friday last week We had the oatathon, it was a nice and sunny day so it was perfect for a sport day.

Our class, 4SW was Canada so we dressed up in red and white. First we had the parade, there was a bit of a problem with the line. After that we went back to class then had our recess. The middle session was when we had our turn to compete.

The oatathon was really fun, and Canada is one of my faveorite countries!


Last Wednesday I went to Casey Fields. I competed in shotput, long jump and triple jump. I didn’t win anything but I had fun. On the way home I sat in the back of the bus.