Projects: Global Insight 

Our intergrated topic for term 3 is Global Insight. For 4 weeks the students had to investergate a country. 

The information the students needed to find out about their country are:

-Name and capital city


-The main language and four words in that language


-Traditional food and Traditional dress

-Any other interesting information 

All the project were amazing!

Tyree: Scotland

Peter: Ireland

Molly: Italy     
      Ilia: Iran

 Neomi: Sri Lanka

Elizabeth: France

George: Iceland

Amelia: France

Vidura: Sri Lanka

Brooke: Brazil

Justin: New Zealand

Katherine: Serbia

Daniel: Serbia

Antonio: Egypt

Austyn: Germany

Jordan: Argentina

Chelsea: Brazil

Luke: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Jacintha: Africa

Akbar: Pakistan

Aneeqa: Switzerland 

Athletics  day

Last week on Wednesday the 3 of August 2016 . I went to the athletics carnival it was so so cold there and so so wet it was so much fun doing the activities.But the discus was so muddy my shoes were absolutely covered in mud that my nana had to clean my shoes. It was so much fun Except  for  discus because of all the mud .🐈

Athletics Carnival

 Look how Determined I look so Sirious  with my sponge bob shirt hahaha! It was  Actually A good throw it was 4.82m making me 5th out of 44 people!  Every one did a good job.I thought I would do better but you learn to deal with it 😎